MDBP Cultural Solutions

  • We work with local community groups and cooperatives in order to chose herders to offer Bankhar.  Enhanced community involvement by herders helps usher in other community knowledge that a herder might not have or might not have implemented.

  • We collaborate with community elders and other leadership to select participants for our program.  These elders then communicate with other herders in the area.  Communication increases traditional, cultural information flow to younger, less experienced herders. Plus, working with trusted members of the community helps us gain credibility in an area, and we are able to source herders most likely to follow our guidelines.

  • Providing a herder with the traditional tool of a Bankhar dog means that they are able to manage their herd over a larger area and thereby reduce intense over-grazing of the grasslands.

  • Herders remember to work together once again with their dog companions.  This change results in a more attentive herder which ultimately helps to reduce predation as well.

  • With the help of the Bankhar, a herder is more easily able to move their livestock, resulting in less over-grazing of specific areas.

  • A return to traditional ways, as is the use of  Bankhar, leads to re-adoption of former traditions such as keeping a greater diversity of the five main livestock species in fewer numbers, greater frequency of pasture rotation, more numerous nomadic relocations, etc.

  • Pride in ownership of a true Bankhar helps herder feel more valuable to the community and him/herself.

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