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    Meet Sharaa

    We have added another member to our dog crew! Sharaa comes from Bogd Mountain near Byongovi and we think he’s about seven years old. He measures 28 inches at the shoulder and though he was a bit aggressive at first, within hours of being unchained his behavior changed dramatically. He

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    October 2016 Update!

    Khutter has mated with Orisilla, and Baagvai with Blondie! We will soon have pages to tell you more about each of these dogs, but for now we are just going to express how excited we are about these two pairings. These four are some of our best dogs and genetic

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    The New Enclosures!

    Welcome to the new home of the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project dog facilities in Mongolia! This is a very delayed update, as it has been some weeks now since our incredible field crew finished putting together the substantial and sizable new enclosures for the MBDP dogs. Here are some photos of

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  • Note From the Field – Meeting the Dogs

               Mongolia is stranger and more beautiful than my wildest dreams. It is stretching my definition of myself as a traveler and as a human. Yeah, I know, we’re really jumping right in here. I’m on my first trip into the countryside! Baaggi and I left UB

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  • Notes From the Field – First Days in UB!

               It’s my second full day in Mongolia. I am already working on being a regular at the cafe closest to my apartment in Ulaanbaatar. Before now I would have called myself a pretty competent traveler. I have spent all of my summers during college and the

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  • The Hilux I drove during 4x4 training in Connecticut.

    Notes From the Field – Getting Ready

             After learning about MBDP over a year ago, I am finally preparing to join the team on the ground! A week and a half ago I left my home in Utah and drove across the country to my state of origin – New Jersey – for

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    Biogeographic Breeding Mimicry

    What is a “Steppe Dog”……… “Silk Road Dogs” It is clear, the more you look into the “Livestock” dogs of Asia that the group is basically one continuum of type. I refer to this group of landrace dogs as “Steppe Dogs” – meaning having come from and moved via the

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    Don’t forget about our wooly friends!

    We mustn’t forget about our wooly friends! We keep livestock around our breeding dogs, and especially the puppies all year round. Without the presence of sheep and goats from an early age, our puppies would not grow up to be nearly as effective as livestock guardian dogs. The bonding process

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