Support Dogs, Humans, and Wildlife when you Support Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project.

The team at MBDP is proud of our unwavering mission to restore the use of Bankhar, traditional livestock guardian dogs, in Mongolia. This is a dynamic and culturally relevant solution to the multi-faceted issue of human-predator conflict. We progress in our work with cultural sensitivity, a methodological and scientific approach, and compassion and respect for the dogs, humans, and landscape we work with.

Because we are a small non-profit with an agile approach and low overhead costs, you can rest assured that your donation dollars (or Turgrik in Mongolia!) go directly to the dogs, our placement process, operational expenses, and our team.

There are several donation amount suggestions that correlate to real-world expenses of our program.

Sponsor a Herder/Dog Team

When we give Bankhar (usually in a pair) to a herding family, we consider them a brand new Livestock Protecting Team. It’s an amazing feeling to see a family receive pups. And while that is where the herder’s work is beginning, that pup represents months of work for our team. Contact us at to learn about options and benefits of sponsoring a Herder/Dog Team.

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