Livestock Guardian Dog Care and Use Manual

The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to help slow down the desertification of the Mongolian Grassland Steppes, and to preserve and protect traditional Mongolian culture. MBDP researches, breeds, and trains Mongolian Bankhar livestock protection dogs and places these working dogs in homes of nomadic herding families on the Mongolian steppe as a means to control predators in a non-lethal manner. The use of Bankhar is shown reduce livestock loses to wolves, bears, foxes and snow leopards by 85% – 100%.

This page contains the protocol we use to raise our Bankhar dogs to be effective livestock guardians. This protocol can be used for other LGD breeds with appropriate changes accounting for differing farming/herding techniques and cultures.

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Raising Pup Manual