MBDP Predator Solutions

  • Livestock Guardian Dogs are an effective and proven, non-lethal method of direct and indirect predator deterrent.
  • Deterring predators, results in fewer livestock losses.
  • Fewer losses means that herds can be kept smaller as more are likely to survive.
  • Fewer livestock, especially fewer goats, increase carrying capacity for grasslands and therefore increase wild grazing populations that are the natural prey for area predators.
  • Fewer livestock losses also result in less retribution killings and less indiscriminate trapping and poisoning of endangered apex predators such as Snow Leopards, Gobi Bears and Wolves.
  • Smaller herds result in less competition for spring grass, and less over-grazing. This enhances the ability of grasslands to recover with stronger root systems, which in turn reduces erosion and slows the desertification process.

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