Curious about the Gobi desert?

Here is a bit of adventure writing about the Singing Sands by our media coordinator Petra Elfström!

“The sand shifted, slithering out from under my toes to tumble down the slopes of the dune on either side of me. I walked along the thin ridge, my legs burning from the strain of climbing the dune, and the wind continued to prick my skin with the little harsh grains. Through my squinting eyes I could see my friends climbing up the Singing Sands high above me, moving slowly but steadily up the white mountain towards the faint smudge of a gibbous moon at the peak. As they often do when hiking, my feet soon failed me, but I contentedly sat on a little plateau in the dune and surveyed the land as the wind constantly slithered through the sand around me, making it mound or fall, or sneaking it into my jacket pockets or up the legs of my pants.” [READ MORE]

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