Gers & Ger Camps

In many of our posts we mention “gers” and “ger camps,” and while many of our followers know what a ger is, this is a post for those of you who do not! A ger is the traditional dwelling of the Mongolian people, and is a structure commonly used today as it has been for hundreds of years. Gers are made of felt and wood, and are transportable, and thus are the structure most used by nomadic people. During our MBPD-Overland Experts trip we often stayed in gers for the night or visited herders in their own gers. At our facilities, our field crew and our caretaker stay in gers near the dog enclosures. These homes are incredibly warm, practical, and often beautifully decorated. Here are some photos of gers we stayed in during the trip. If anyone has anything to add about how gers are built or the history of the ger, please comment below!

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