Two Months Old! And the dogs receive a gift

The youngest of our pups turn two months this week! A lot goes in to becoming a livestock guardian dog, and they’re already on their way. As you can see in some of previous posts, all of the pups are kept in the same enclosure with sheep and goats from birth so that they are comfortable with them. In the future, this bond will ensure that the dogs consider themselves one of the herd and will act protectively. In the next two months these pups will be living with their new herder-owners, spending each day on the pasture. These guys are already super curious and active, always investigating new things and willing to climb on anyone who hangs around inside their enclosure too long. (Remember – you can click on any of the images to see a larger version.)


It is a Mongolian tradition to give gifts to children and dogs when a relative has died. In honor of his father recently passing away, a friend of MBDP gave these cow bones to the dogs. We really appreciate his generosity!

That’s all from the MBDP team for now.

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