The Team Goes to the Gobi!

Last week the MBDP team hit the road for the Gobi to visit some of our dogs placed over this passed year. This was my first time seeing livestock guardian dogs in action, not to mention I can cross another desert off my bucket list. it was a real joy for all of us to see our dogs happy and healthy – and sticking with their herd!


I don’t know what could be more rewarding than seeing our project coming to a nearly full circle. The four dogs we visited are only a little over a year old (not fully mature) and are already exhibiting some great protection behaviors. Part of this we can attribute to them being awesome, intelligent, special creatures; but perhaps more important is the commitment and hard work of the herders working with out project.




We are so grateful to them for believing and investing in the power of the bankhar and not only using our protocol, but adding to it and making this development of livestock guardian dogs their own. After all, our aim is for the project to be not just for the herders but by the herders.




This week is bitter-sweet for us. Greg, our project scientist for the last year and a half, is passing me the torch. He’s been helping me get used to life in Mongolia and showing me the ropes of the project for the passed month, and now it’s time for him to make it home in time for the holidays. Thanks for everything Greg! We’re missing you already!



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