The New Enclosures!

Welcome to the new home of the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project dog facilities in Mongolia! This is a very delayed update, as it has been some weeks now since our incredible field crew finished putting together the substantial and sizable new enclosures for the MBDP dogs. Here are some photos of the building process, and we’ll post more soon!


The wide long corridors in between individual enclosures ensures ultimate safety for the dogs and lots of room for our field crew to move around and bring the dogs anything they need. As you can see, the dogs also have a huge amount of space in each of their cages, with much more room to run around. They of course are also walked and exercised outside of the enclosures, but this new set up still gives them more freedom when in the enclosures.

dscn9485We are incredibly thankful to all of those who were involved in completing this huge project so that the breeding dogs and puppies yet to be placed have an even better space to live in. We could not have done this without our amazing donors as well. Thank you! Keep an eye out for our next fundraiser, because though we managed to complete this major project, there is a lot of work still to be done to keep the MBDP running!dscn9571


These Livestock Guardian Dogs couldn’t ask for a more wonderful place to live!

Photos by Greg Goodfellow

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