Megddorj Khorolsuren

Prior to starting the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project in 2010, an enterprising Mongolian had a similar vision – to ensure the traditions and use of the Bankhar Dog were not lost.  Since a boy, Megddorj Khorolsuren has been a dog enthusiast.  As a child in the countryside he grew up alongside Mongol Bankhars. Later as a young man he began exploring the vast countryside of Mongolia experiencing and learning the traditions of the nomads.

Megddorj is now a successful businessman in Mongolia. Having spent many years abroad in Switzerland and Canada pursuing higher education he had understood the importance of retaining the traditions and role of the Bankhar.  On returning to Mongolia he made it his passion to gather these Bankhar and bring them together under one roof in hopes of starting a breeding center.  During his travels he paid particular attention to gather dogs only from isolated areas where only true working Bankhar existed and to gather them only from traditional nomads.

Once we at the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project became aware of Megddorj and his work, we of course teamed up.  The result was that Megddorj contributed a group of our founding dogs and allowed us to rent land to build our earliest breeding center.  Megddorj has since stayed on as a member of our advisory group and board of directors, a role he still holds to this day.

Simply stated, without Megddorj’s passion for our work the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project would not have gotten off the ground so quickly nor gained the momentum of respect from herders and community.  It is this early momentum that we have used to grow into a well respected conservation group.

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