Daniel Dolgion

Daniel Dolgion:   Assistant Project Coordinator.  Daniel is native to the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar.  Educated in Ulaanbaatar with a keen interests in the sciences Daniel’s sought out employment in the MBDP project through the construction of the enclosure facilities on which he worked as a welder.  Consistency and initiative ensured a place on the project.   He has work with and around MBDP for years and shown great aptitude for wildlife conservation and logistical organization.  Daniel is assistant to Batbaatar Tumurbaatar, but in addition plays a critical role in ensuring the breeding and dog care is organized hand in hand with the field and research aspects of the project.  His ability to work on both aspects of the project combined with his hard won street experience makes him a valuable member of the team.  Daniel is a born “fixer” as well as a quintessential gentleman.

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