Petra Elfström

Petra Elfström Community Outreach Coordinator, Education Advisor and Digital Media Manager.  Born to field work and adventure; Petra’s has worked with or been involved in the MBDP project from its conception in 2003.   A graduate of highest honors from Hamilton Collage, double major in archaeology and creative writing, her experience as a Research Assistant with the Archaeology Department and a CLASS Fellow with the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) has only added to her value in the field and otherwise. Working with the DHi and the Slocan Narrows Archaeological Project she was part of a team in the process of creating an educational film about the Slocan Narrows site.  An outstanding writer, skilled film maker, and a trained archeologist, Petra heads up our community outreach endeavors.  Her experience managing archeological digs and years of field experience enhances her skill set to our advantage.  Petra’s future will always involve the MBDP project

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