NGF will use the DNA data collected and analyzed by its partners to ensure maximal out breeding. Aside from DNA, paramount to breeding par choice is working ability – does the individual work livestock in an effective manner. General health, confirmation (fur length, bone structure) and size (large size is needed to be effective), are also considered.

Our dogs will vary considerably in size and color.  The criteria we use to chose our breeding group is based on the following: 

ï        DNA variability within the range we have seen in the existing population of Bankhar we have sampled and without detectable modern dog breed genes.

ï        no overt signed of unhealthiness (fortunately genetic disorders seem to be very rare in Bankhar and the Bankhar is very long lived relative to large dog breeds)

ï        Working ability – a dog must bond well to sheep, and be able to work independent of the shepherd.

ï        Expressing protectiveness—barking, and accurately reading the body language of its charge

ï        Aggressive towards predators, and not overly aggressive toward humans

ï        having a conformation (movement, size, and agility) needed to undertake its role as a livestock guardian dog

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