On the Move

Two days ago we were informed by the Environmental Police of Ulaanbaatar (UB) that they will force our project and dog facilities to leave the lands [that we lease outside of UB] for non-compliance. We’re not sure what we’re not complying to, but we feel it’s best that we move to the new lands we’ve already purchased [outside of Hustai National Park] as soon as possible. This is extremely unfortunate for us because really can’t afford to leave on such short notice.

Because we will be building new enclosures and hiring a local family as new caretakers, this will be a major financial setback. As part of our crew runs the trip with Overland Experts (OEX), the others will be rebuilding and moving to our new land!  We are thrilled to see that our placed dogs are doing their jobs as livestock guardians in their respective environments across Mongolia. However, our project still has many barriers to cross. Greg posted about their wonderful work setting up the temporary dog enclosures quickly and efficiently. We saw at the end of our trip that the dogs had enough shade and water and were perfectly happy in their new cages. However, our dogs won’t be able to stay in these forever, and construction is already beginning on the real permanent structures that we will build on this beautiful piece of land so that the dogs have as much room as they need.

This of course means you should keep an eye out for our next big fund-raiser, because the emergency move has really taken a toll. If you don’t want to wait to donate, hit the “Donate Now” button above.

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