October 2016 Update!

Khutter has mated with Orisilla, and Baagvai with Blondie! We will soon have pages to tell you more about each of these dogs, but for now we are just going to express how excited we are about these two pairings. These four are some of our best dogs and genetic combinations yet and we think they will produce some magnificent, strong, smart, and hard-working puppies!

We will likely keep a couple pups from these two litters for future breeding to continue these bloodlines and add more to the genetic strength and diversity of our breeding dog team. Baagvai is also growing quite old so we are thrilled that he is still fathering litters and we can preserve his incredible legacy as a strong, healthy Bankhar.

Our next round of puppies are headed to the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Gobi, our three main placement sites, and a new park called Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in Dornogobi Aimag (the East Gobi Province of Mongolia).

Keep following us on social media for more updates! Winter is coming but the MBDP is still working as hard as ever! 

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